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The Top 20 All-Time Milkmansbook Videos


The History of Milk

Milking has its advent in the very evolution of placental mammals. While the exact time of its appearance is not known, the immediate ancestors of modern mammals were much like monotremes, including the platypus. Such animals today produce a milk-like substance from glands on the surface of their skin, but without the nipple, for their offspring to drink after hatching from their eggs. Likewise, marsupials, the closest cousin to placental mammals, produce a milk-like substance from a teat-like organ in their pouches. The earliest immediate ancestor of placental mammals known seems to be eomaia, a small creature superficially resembling rodents, that is thought to have lived 125 million years ago, during the Cretaceous era. It almost certainly produced what would be considered milk, in the same way as modern placental mammals.

Animal milk is first known to have been used as human food at the beginning of animal domestication. Cow's milk was first used as human food in the Middle East. Goats and sheep were domesticated in the Middle East between 9000 and 8000 BC[citation needed]. Goats and sheep are ruminants: mammals adapted to survive on a diet of dry grass, a food source otherwise useless to humans, and one that is easily stockpiled. The animals were probably first kept for meat and hides, but dairying proved to be a more efficient way of turning uncultivated grasslands into sustenance: the food value of an animal killed for meat can be matched by perhaps one year's worth of milk from the same animal, which will keep producing milk — in convenient daily portions — for years (McGee 8–10).

Around 7000 BC, cattle were being herded in parts of Turkey. There is evidence of milk consumption in the British Isles during the Neolithic period. The use of cheese and butter spread in Europe, parts of Asia and parts of Africa. Domestic cows, which previously existed throughout much of Eurasia, were then introduced to the colonies of Europe during the Age of exploration.

The Wildest Video Ever from Wildcherries

Wildcherries - The Story of the Cherry

The cherry is generally understood to have been brought to Rome from Armenia.

The cherries selected for eating are derived primarily from two species, the Wild Cherry (P. avium), which has given rise to the Sweet Cherry to which most cherry cultivars belong, and the Sour Cherry (P. cerasus), used mainly for cooking and jam making. Both species originate in Europe and western Asia; they do not cross-pollinate each other. The other species, although having edible fruit, are not grown extensively for consumption, except in northern regions where the two main species will not grow. Given the high costs of production, from irrigation, sprays and labour costs, in addition to their proneness to damage from rain and hail, the cherry is relatively expensive. Nonetheless, there is high demand for the fruit.

Major commercial cherry orchards in Europe extend from the Iberian peninsula east to Asia Minor; they are also grown to a smaller extent north of the British Isles and southern Scandinavia. In the United States, most sweet cherries for fresh use are grown in California and Washington. Important sweet cherry cultivars include 'Bing', 'Brooks', 'Tulare', 'King', and 'Rainier'. Oregon and Michigan provide light-coloured 'Royal Ann' ('Napoleon'; alternately 'Queen Anne') cherries for the maraschino cherry process. Most sour (also called tart) cherries are grown in four states bordering the Great Lakes, in Michigan (the largest producers of cherries among the states), New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, however, native and non-native cherries grow well in Canada (Ontario and British Columbia) as well. Sour cherries include Nanking and Evans Cherry. Traverse City, Michigan claims to be the "Cherry Capital of the World", hosting a National Cherry Festival and making the world's largest cherry pie. Likewise in Australia the New South Wales town of Young is famous nationwide as the "Cherry Capital of Australia", and also host The National Cherry Festival which is famous internationally. Popular varieties include the 'Montmorency', 'Morello', 'North Star', 'Early Richmond', 'Titans', 'Lamberts' and the very sweet and highly demanded 'Ron'.

Cherries have a very short fruiting season. In Australia they are usually at their peak around Christmas time, in southern Europe in June, in America in June, and in the UK in mid July, always in the summer season. Annual world production (as of 2003) of domesticated cherries is about 3 million tonnes, of which a third are sour cherries. In many parts of North America they are among the first tree fruits ripe; hence the colloquial term "cherry" to mean "new" or "the first", e.g. "in cherry condition".

As well as the fruit, cherries also have attractive flowers, and they are commonly planted for their flower display in spring; several of the Asian cherries are particularly noted for their flower display. The Japanese sakura in particular are a national symbol celebrated in the yearly Hanami festival. Many flowering cherry cultivars (known as 'ornamental cherries') have the stamens and pistils replaced by additional petals ("double" flowers), so are sterile and do not bear fruit. They are grown purely for their flowers and decorative value. The most common of these sterile cherries is the cultivar 'Kanzan'.

Cherry trees provide food for the caterpillars of several Lepidoptera. See List of Lepidoptera which feed on Prunus.

Cherries have been shown to have several health benefits. Cherries contain anthocyanins, which is the red pigment in berries. Cherry anthocyanins have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. Anthocyanins are also potent antioxidants. Cherries have also been shown to contain high levels of melatonin. Research has shown that people who have heart attacks have low melatonin levels . Besides being an anti-oxidant, melatonin has also been shown to be important for the function of the immune system. Research also indicates that melatonin suppresses COX-2. There is considerable interest at present in the use of fresh cherries or cherry juice to treat gout - a painful inflammatory joint condition.

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The Greatest Video Ever from Gigagalleries


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Private Media Group, Inc. NASDAQ: PRVT is a multimedia adult entertainment company that distributes its content via the internet and print publications. Private Media Group claims to have the largest archive of high-quality adult content in the world. Private Media Group's brand is also licensed to other companies and services.

Private magazine was established in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1965 as the world's first full-color hardcore magazine by Berth Milton Sr. In the early 1990s, his son Berth Milton Jr. took over the company. Milton Jr. moved the company to Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain, and modernized it by producing traditional and internet content. In 1999, Private became the first adult entertainment company to be traded on the NASDAQ stock market.

Private magazine's launch was in 1965, and since then Private Media Group has released three more adult entertainment magazines: Sex, Triple X and Pirate. In the last decades, Private Media Group has earned over 130 adult industry awards. Bestselling DVD releases include the Private Gladiator series, Cleopatra, Millionaire and Chateau.

Many starlets made their debut and/or got famous making movies at Private, including Silvia Saint, Alexa May, Tania Russof, Monica Sweetheart, Monique Covét, Laura Angel, Sophie Evans, Cassandra Wilde, Dora Venter, Claudia Ferrari,Nikki Anderson and Michelle Wild. Most performers earn 1500-2500€ per scene, while top stars earn up to 20,000€ per scene.

DVD productions
Private releases 10 - 12 new DVD titles every month and currently has a the largest original content completely digital adult movie library of over 800 titles.

Because Private owns the global rights to everything it has ever produced, Private DVDs are playable in any region, in every country in the world. And while other companies produce DVDs in one language, Private's global DVD format allows for up to 10 languages to be included on each DVD release.

The Private DVD format provides other significant advantages over its competitors, including unprecedented image quality, worldwide compatibility, and add-ons such as alternative endings to movies, interviews with the actors, and multiple-angle views.

Wireless Media
Private Media Group is the leading mobile content provider for adult entertainment content in the world offering both on-and off portal delivery.

Private works together with leading international content aggregators, and mobile publishers, to provide the best content as quickly and as often to all mobile network operators.

As of January 2007 content from Private was available to 533 million mobile handsets in 29 countries via 60 operators. As an indication of the mobile growth Private is launching its content at approximately ten new mobile network operators per quarter. This impetus will continue in the next years to come. Private's ultimate goal is to offer its content to every single mobile network operator in the world.

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Shotacon (ショタコン, shotakon?), sometimes shortened to shota (ショタ, shota?), is a Japanese term for a sexual complex where an adult is attracted to an underage boy, or in which two underage boys are attracted to one another. In the Western world, it refers specifically to artwork or manga depicting pre-pubescent or pubescent boys in sexual situations. Shotacon art is often explicit in nature; some common themes include yaoi (homosexual relationships), cross-dressing, and in some cases incest with an older sibling or other family member. The female equivalent of shotacon is lolicon.

Though shotacon typically features relationships between two boys of the same age or between boys and men, a related but less common genre is straight shotacon. Straight shotacon features young boys, but includes women or girls as pairs for them. In anime, straight shotacon themes are far more common than homosexual ones. Many prominent series, notably FLCL, Negima!, and Pitaten, include scenes where older women press themselves on boys.

Like lolicon, shotacon often depicts children in sexual situations with adults. While the shotacon community argues that drawn art is protected under freedom of speech, critics claim shotacon is a direct offshoot of child pornography and may lead to child sexual abuse, though there is no evidence or documented cases to back this claim.

Shotacon has dubious legality in most parts of the world. The sale of shotacon is outlawed and punishable by imprisonment in some regions of Japan, but is legal in others.[citation needed] The United States PROTECT act of 2003 prohibited obscene or sexual drawings of children, while the Supreme Court in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition ruled that such legislation is unconstitutional. Shotacon is illegal in Canada, Sweden, Norway, and South Africa, but prosecutors do not typically press charges unless other crimes are present. Since most shotacon is trafficked internationally (such as through the Internet), national legal prohibitions are difficult to enforce.

The term "shotacon" is a Japanese portmanteau of Shōtarō complex, a reference to the young male character Shōtarō(正太郎) from Tetsujin 28-go.

In the anime and manga series, Shōtarō is a bold, self-assertive young detective who frequently outwits adult adversaries and helps to solve cases. Throughout the series, Shōtarō develops close adult friends, and acts within the adult would despite being a young boy. His bishounen cute embodied and formed the term "shotacon", putting a name to an old sexual subculture.

Where the shotacon concept developed is hard to pinpoint, but some of its earliest roots are in readers responses to detective series written by Edogawa Rampo. In his works, a character named Yoshio Kobayashi of "Shōnentanteidan" (Junior Detective Group, similar to the Baker Street Irregulars of Sherlock Holmes) forms a deep dependency with adult protagonist Kogoro Akechi. Kobayashi, a beautiful teenager, constantly concerns himself with Kogoro's cases and well-being, and for a time moves in with the unmarried man. The adult-boy relationship in part inspired the evolution of the shotacon community.

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The Greatest Utube Videos of All-Time saw a gradual traffic spike over the years until it became to tear down their server. You see Utube is a Tube and Rollform equipment site and not the video site we all love to visit. Initially it was a headache for the company, but now they are looking to turn it into a cash wind fall. They are engaging the Google giant in a lawsuit for damages caused by youtube infringing on their territory.

The irony is that the mistype is financing their legal team. By adding a utube search at the top of their page they are parlaying the 100,000+ visitors a day into 10s of thousands of dollars.
The big payoff will be a google lawsuit. My guess is that google settles for a few million and utube continues to make another half a million off of the traffic each year. Not too bad.

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The term "herpes" generally refers to a sexually-transmitted, double-stranded DNA virus called herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 2 (also known as human herpesvirus 2, or HHV2). This virus is closely related to herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1 or HHV1), which is the cause of common nonsexually-transmitted cold sores. These two viruses are among the eight members of the herpes virus family to infect humans, causing a variety of illnesses ranging from cold sores to brain infection (encephalitis) to chickenpox to various cancers.

Herpies is an annoying disease that gets made fun of all the time.